It’s Time to Skill Up!

I haven’t written for a while because I have been completely maxed out working with Bournville College in the delivery of a ‘readiness for work’ programme for new Tesco employees.  These new staff have all been unemployed for a long while during the recession but are now due to begin work at the Tesco partnership store in Washwood Heath, Birmingham in January 2010.

I was training in time management, team work and customer service. I’ve really enjoyed delivering the programme and met some really lovely people. The thing that struck me though was the lack of functional or core skills that some adults simply don’t possess. 

I’m talking about basic numeracy and literacy and having looked into the national ‘problem’ that we face by being under-skilled in these key areas it made me realise firstly how easy it is to ‘slip through the net’ as an adult and come up with coping strategies so that our skills gap will never be found out; and secondly how important having at least Level 2 is for adult learners who are studying a specialist subject such as marketing.

If you are studying a subject at a level higher than 2 (equivalent to GCSE) you should have at least level 2 Maths and English.  This is because it is likely that your qualification (and this is especially the case with CIM) will require you to read and summarise information, write in prose, take part in discussions and give presentations.  With regard to Maths skills you may need to interpret information such as market data; you might have to do calculations with that data and then interpret the results in order to make marketing decisions.

 If you would like to look in to this further here is a good link that contains diagnostic tests:

You can also look at the Directgov website:


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