CIM Events 2010

What’s your new year’s resolution?

One of mine (there are many, some of which I have already planned not to keep), is to get myself to more CIM events.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing prides itself on offering a wide range of excellent seminars, presentations, tours and more for members and non-members alike. Prices are very reasonable with many of them costing around £15 for members.

So what do you get for your money?

I have always found the quality of the speakers to be very high with many of them so very passionate about their field that you simply can’t help but feel enthusiastic too. You get to learn about a specific topic from an expert and in this day and age shelling out just £15 is quite simply a steal for expert advice. You also get to network with like-minded, friendly and approachable people which can present all sorts of opportunities to you for your future.

Attending CIM events is a great way to add to your CPD hours and achieve Chartered Marketer status.

I am booked on to attend ‘Neuroimaging- brain waves for marketers’ on 27th January in Coventry and would love to supercharge my social media so might be going to Wolverhampton on 15th March too.

Why not see what’s available in your region and bulk up your marketing knowledge in 2010?


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