Why I’m unsure about Facebook

OK so I know I’m years behind the masses with my extremely slow uptake of Facebook but now I’m engaged and it’s raised some issues.

I think it’s difficult to manage the myriad profiles and statuses that are available. I have my Linkedin profile and blog that are business only, my tweets that combine business with a bit of my personality and now I have a Facebook profile that is 100% friends only. It’s time consuming to update each forum daily and I’m yet to see any software that combines all these different media into one platform.

I’m also finding that I’ve engaged with the same businesses through each of my chosen media, for example I follow Marketing Donut, read the blog and am a ‘fan’. I find the same repetitive messages are being pushed through each channel and that this is too much to take on board.

These issues, from a consumer point of view lead me to think about channel management and how organisations should implement strategies to ensure consistency of message but to the right people in the right place.

Yes, customers want to receive information through different channels so it’s important we communicate through a breadth of media. However if our target market is engaging with all of our channels we need a little frugality so that we don’t overkill our messages.

What is helpful is a message matrix like this:

Key messages are being targeted via relevant media but are not saturating the businesses communications. Sometimes it’s better to keep a little restraint and companies should consider this when managing their channels.


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