Celeb endorsement- does it always work?

Dance Group: Diversity

Seeing hit dance group Diversity fronting a range of TV adverts recently made me ponder the realms of celebrity endorsement.

The 11 dancers won ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 and the lead, Ashley Banjo has since appeared as a judge on Sky 1’s Got to Dance.  Diversity has been selected to star in an advert for home improvement retailer The Range, and for something advertising meal ideas (the name of which escapes me- sorry!).  The group are also teaming up with societal marketing campaign Change4Life, to promote dance as a healthy, fun activity.

At first I was surprised to see their youthful faces on my TV screen as their brand identity doesn’t seem to match my ideas about The Range. But then I figured that the programmes Diversity has been on are good old family entertainment shows and that actually The Range and the meal ideas campaign do portray values about family and being together.

Furthermore these boys are very likeable and have broad audience appeal which makes them even more suitable for celebrity endorsement of particular brands.   In this case their roles have been imported from what we already know them to be, but they could have provided testimonial or observation.

What is striking is how important it is to match the celebrity with the brand you are getting endorsed.  For example, Kerry Katona advertising a range of high class beauty products would flop (no offence Kerry) but Kate Moss doing the same would be a success.  This is because we project our feelings about the celebrity onto the product and vice versa.  In the case of Diversity, I think they could advertise almost any family, wholesome brand and get a positive outcome.


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