How do you use Facebook?

Could you ever quit Facebook?

Today I read a blog post about ‘Quit Facebook Day’ which momentously failed largely because, the blogger claims, people are just too addicted to it.

It begged me to question how people actually use Facebook and whether consumption patterns have changed over time.

I am relatively new to Facebook and only joined because I thought I was missing out on gossip. When debating whether to sign up or not my friends said I would soon be obsessed as it’s impossible not to nose around your friend’s photos and status updates.

I expected this to be the case and am surprised that I actually spend very little time looking at my friend’s contributions and that it is in fact, all about me!

I update my status via my blackberry at least once a day and only check up on other people’s updates when they are directly related to mine. Sometimes I ‘like’ things and have on the odd occasion poked someone but other than that, I am all about ‘pushing’ and not about ‘pulling’ when it comes to communication.

So how does this affect how we interact with brands? If other users are similar to me (and I’m sure some of them are!) then brands should take advantage of this by asking fans to talk to them, rather than doing all the talking themselves. Brands should encourage conversation but keep their updates to a minimum- no-one wants to be bombarded even if we are an advocate.

I am interested in how others use Facebook, so let me know through the comments below…


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