Wordr load of b*llocks?

I first heard of Wordr, the new Twitter-like application from Rattle, while watching the BBC’s Click programme on holiday in Turkey.   I was intrigued so when I was back in the real non-holiday world I checked it out.  Basically, you get to write one word at a time that is up to 28 letters long. The makers call it ‘monoblogging’ and you can even make up your own language.

“So what’s the point of that?” I hear you ask. Well… this was my first question too.  And to be honest I’m not really sure what the point of it all is other than it’s a bit of fun.  

I may be pessimistic but I certainly can’t see there being any commercial value in it for brands, like there is now in Twitter.   Is it the next big social media thing? I’m not sure about that but we’ll see…


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