Staying motivated when you are studying by distance learning

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Keep on top of your distance learning

My eyes have recently been opened to distance learning and I have realised that even the most motivated individuals can find it difficult to manage their progress and keep on track.  One of the key attractions of studying in this way is that you can fit a course or qualification around your home life and not have to attend regular sessions at a college or training centre.  However some people turn out to be more successful studying by distance than others.  

To stay on top of your studies, follow these top tips:

It can be difficult to make time for learning when you are not meeting regularly with a peer group. To overcome this, make your home-learning ‘formal’ by studying at a set day and time each week in a warm, comfortable area that is free from distractions.

Set learning goals and monitor your progress.  If you are clear on what you want to achieve it will keep you focussed when your enthusiasm starts to weaken.    Reward yourself when you meet your objectives.

Keep in touch with your study group and tutor. It is likely that there are other people taking the same course as you and that there will be formal structures in place to enable you to communicate, for example through online forums.  If these are not provided then why not start your own through a social network?

Take advantage of the materials that are on offer from your provider.   More and more trainers are making use of virtual learning environments that house information, tests, blogs, pod and webcasts and more.  The wider the variety of learning support that is on offer the more likely you are to succeed.  Before you sign up for a course check what e-learning support is included.

Finally, embrace the flexibility that home learning can offer.  There is little point choosing this method if you don’t make it work for you- make a plan to manage your learning and stick to it.


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