Is Gillette finally becoming marketing oriented?

I couldn’t believe my eyes the other day when I saw a billboard advertising the new Fusion ProGlide razor from Gillette. The copy said: “We’re not adding any more blades”. For those of you that have read about the evolution of marketing, you’ll know that adding more and more features to your offer is a sign that your organisation is ‘product’ oriented. Product oriented firms hold that the item is so good it will sell itself but we all know that’s not always the case.

I often refer to Gillette as an example of a product oriented company as their innovation strategy since 1971 has been to simply add more blades to their razors. However in an interview last year Matt Wohl, Gillette general manager for new male products said: “Guys don’t say they want more blades. They want more comfort”, which prompted a research initiative that saw some 30,000 men involved in testing the new Fusion razor and product improvements that include thinner blades and a low resistance coating. In 2011 it seems Gillette has finally listened to the consumer and become marketing oriented.

It still tickles me though, that the ProGlide website says you can’t see the latest innovations with the naked eye. Maybe they’re not as marketing oriented as I thought.

The ProGlide is out later in January.


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