What makes a good email campaign?

I really like this message from Linkedin.

Image of Linkedin email campaign

It grabbed my attention and really stuck with me to the point where I’ve used it to teach in lessons and now want to blog about it. So what makes it so good?

  • The photos are of people I recognise so it instantly creates an interest and desire to know more
  • The text is kept to a minimum which is great because I don’t have long to look at email during the working day
  • The Linkedin logo is prominent and the layout of the email is un-fussy and easy to read
  • Linkedin is endorsed by a well-known brand (Fortune)
  • It’s personalised with my name
  • The topic is meaningful- it’s about career development which is important to people that use Linkedin
  • The call to action is clear- Linkedin want me to update my profile so I can keep in touch with my network. There is an easy to use click through to do this.

If you’re using email to generate new business or manage relationships, here are my top tips so that you can create campaigns as effective as this one:

  • Target the content and make it appealing to your customer segments
  • Personalise it
  • Brand it
  • If you’re using images test that the message will display OK where email systems have the pictures turned off
  • Keep text short and snappy
  • Include a call to action- what is it that you want the reader to do after they’ve received your message?
  • Include links to your website and social media
  • Avoid attachments as the aim of email campaigns is to encourage click through
  • Make it easy for the message to go viral with sharing and forwarding options
  • Include an unsubscribe option and check out Mail Chimp’s advice on how spam filters think
  • Measure the results.

Have I missed anything out? If so, please leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “What makes a good email campaign?

  1. Couple of points that should be considered:

    1. An address line that means you want to open it and not just delete it. You dont want it to look like spam mail.

    2. Consider too the unsubscribe option. Too many just say ‘you are now unsubscribed’-it is not too late to try to keep the relationship alive. Look how M&S do it

    3. Think about day of week and time of day you want to send out-best to avoid Mondays.

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