Is blogging worth it?

Back when I was managing a regional study centre for Oxford College of Marketing and working as a freelancer, I blogged on a regular basis to firstly provide additional resources for students, and secondly to market my services.

But when my career changed direction and I began working solely in a client-side marketing role, I stopped. I think it’s because I lost my purpose. I didn’t have students to reach or new business to gain. And to be honest I was a bit worried I’d say something I shouldn’t!

Since then I’ve taken time out for maternity leave and moved to a new organisation. I’m now working in a digital role and my key focus at the moment is to gain buy-in for social media projects. I’ve been back at work a month and have already experienced some interactions that I’ve not been able to ‘leave behind’ at 5 o’clock. And with most of my friends still off work with their lovely babies, and therefore not in the frame of mind to listen to my musings and provide guidance, I find myself really missing the release that blogging provides.

I don’t even think anyone reads my posts but that’s ok. I’ve decided that my purpose is not to support the learning of other marketers or to raise my profile, but to find a place where I can reflect on what I do day in, day out, and share stories from others, that hopefully make the odd one or two people think.


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