Putting the cart before the horse

I’ve seen this happen a lot in my career. In fact I’m a bit ashamed to say I did it myself last week.

I was talking marketing strategy with our team at West Park (a conference and events venue in Dundee), and in what felt like an outer-body experience, heard myself say, “We can do Apps too”.

I was horrified at myself. I’d slipped into listing the digital tools at my disposal instead of listening to my client’s aims and suggesting appropriate tactics to help achieve them.

Right now I can’t think how a mobile app would benefit the business. And that’s no surprise really, because I’m still looking at it back to front. It should be ‘problem before solution’, not the other way round. Horse before cart.

So how do I prevent myself from repeating this faux pas? By keeping the marketing planning mantra top of mind, that’s how: audit and analysis, then aims and objectives, followed by strategy and tactics, and finally implementation and control. Approaching projects in this way should keep me on track.


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