How have you used your LinkedIn Company Page?

I recently saw a cool infographic on the portrait of a LinkedIn user in 2013 on Social Media Today, and thought the section on Company Pages was really interesting. Here’s a screen shot:

Infographic LinkedIn Company Pages
Info by and Graphics by screen shot taken from Social Media Today

What hit me was the missing answer to: “How have you used your Company Page?”

OK, so 56.5% of Company Page owners “share status updates with followers”, but the top response to this question should be: “100% engage in regular, meaningful conversation with company followers”.

LinkedIn Company Pages can be a really effective business development tool. In fact, if you follow LinkedIn’s guidance in “Relationships That Drive Results”, then you could find yourself directly communicating with the 80% of LinkedIn users that actually want to connect with the companies in their lives.

LinkedIn advises companies to avoid the pitfall of only talking about themselves, and to share content that is not ‘salesy’, and that delivers a specific benefit to followers. There are many companies on LI that only post inward-looking updates, for example links to their self-published press releases, but equally there are many businesses that use LI fantastically well.

So which brands do you think use LinkedIn Company Pages to great effect? Leave a comment and share positive examples below. 


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