Are you an engaged employee?

I was at an internal communications conference recently and we were discussing the 8 factors that drive employee engagement. If you get these 8 things right, then employees feel engaged which leads to increased profitability (see another blog post on this here).

I thought I’d share my take on what these factors mean to me personally. So if I was to describe a ‘great’ place to work where staff were highly engaged, it would look like this:

1. Leadership

To me leadership is about: demonstrating mutual trust and respect, being visionary, articulating your vision to your teams and empowering them to achieve it, being personally enigmatic and an excellent communicator.

Leadership should be encouraged at all levels of an organisation. You don’t have to be the Chief Executive to be a leader. Being visionary is important and relevant even on small campaigns or projects.

2. Manager

A good manager in my mind: nurtures talent, provides direction, empowers their team, is flexible and understanding, fosters the right environment for teams to be effective and draws out the best in people.

3. Company vision

Having a clear, long term company vision can be so engaging because it gives staff an end-goal. It provides a common sense of purpose that allows you to focus on the things that are important and add value. It is the ‘glue’ that holds the business together.

4. Personal growth

Personal growth means different things to different people. To me it’s about understanding an individual’s ambitions, whether this is simply to be better at their current role or to climb the ladder and become the next CEO.

Development comes in many forms- courses, workshops, job shadowing, secondments, being allowed more responsibility…. It is interesting how personal growth is seen as more important to staff than pay and benefits.

5. Team

A good team is: supportive, productive, positive, pulling in the same direction, friendly and hard-working. A good team-mate backs you up and sticks to ‘the party line’.

6. Giving something back

I’m told this could be about having a chosen charity to support or a company volunteering scheme but to me it’s about making a difference to my customers. It’s going ‘above and beyond’ what is expected for my salary and providing a better-than-expected service.

7. Fair deal

Being paid fairly for the job you’re doing and receiving fair benefits is only the 7th most important factor rated by employees on the scale of engagement. Getting a pay rise might motivate you but this will only last a short while, until you’ve become accustomed to the increase and it’s considered the norm.

I guess people want to be paid what their job seeking competitors are being paid, but more importantly what is fair WITHIN the company compared to their colleagues.

8. Wellbeing

Having a good work-life balance, working in a pleasant environment and being able to participate in out of work activities all contribute to wellbeing. I know of businesses that provide massages for staff or have snooker tables in the canteen. To be honest this isn’t something I am particularly interested in. For me it’s about being able to do my job to my best ability, and being able to forget about it when I go home.

Wellbeing is a very personal measure which perhaps surprisingly is the least important factor in whether staff feel engaged or not.

Are you an engaged employee? Are these factors important to you, are they in the right order or is there anything missing? Leave a comment.


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