Every business needs a Heather

Heather is a first year degree student working part time at stationery shop Staples, in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Heather is in love with stationery and absolutely adores her job. Her passion for her product and utter joy at the bargains available in store, pours from her heart. Every business needs a Heather.

Now… I also love stationery so I’m a pretty easy-sell. But last Friday I had the best in-store shopping experience I’ve had in a long, long time.

Staples logo
Staples, Redditch. The best in-store shopping experience I’ve had in a long, long time.

I went to Staples to look at the Arc range (which I’ve been admiring online for a while). Arc is essentially a choice of notebook exteriors and customisable inserts. I sat on the floor of the Arc aisle while I flipped through the leather covered book and the poly one, debating the merits of both. Eventually I went to the tills to ask for help.

That’s when I met Heather.

I started the conversation by asking if the poly notebook was flimsy. Heather’s face lit up. “I’ve got one for uni. Shall I go and get mine to show you? It’s amazing. I love it. It’s sooooooo good…”

So off she went to the staff room to fetch her pride and joy.

And boy was she proud.

“I’ve got these little place markers and I use colour coded stickers and pens for each subject. I’ve got the the top tabbed dividers and the side tabbed dividers and I use the small notes pages for to-do lists….”

Heather went on and on…but in a good way. She was so excited about the product and even asked if she could show me where her favourite pens were in store.

Cartoon girl with call out saying I love my job
Do your Heathers love their jobs?

I came away equally enthused. Even though Heather assured me that the poly cover was as good as the leather one (and that if I wasn’t sure I could always buy the bigger rings for more support), I bought the leather cover, lined paper, side tabbed dividers and some plastic wallets.

I had only gone to Staples to look but Heather in her innocent, uncomplicated, authentically personal way, convinced me that the Arc was perfect; that it would somehow improve my life.

So has your business got a Heather? Do your staff evangelise about your products? Does the love they have for their job shine through?

If not, what will you do to find your Heather?


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