How to drive traffic to your website, using a lorry

My rather boring commute to work was improved this week when I stopped in traffic behind a White Logistics lorry. Truck number 54 to be precise.

On the back of the van was a brain teaser, tying into White’s ‘PROBLEM? SOLVED!’ strap line. I could clearly see one animal in the teaser but couldn’t for the life of me see the second:

Screen shot from White Logistics website showing truck 54 with a brain teasing illustration on it
The back of White Logistics’ Truck 54. Can you see the two animals in this illustration?

I was so annoyed with myself that I felt compelled to check the White Logistics website as soon as I got into work (don’t tell the boss). So White had successfully driven traffic (no pun intended) to its website.

I even told my colleague about it (poor girl). And had either of us been in the logistics industry or had a need for general haulage or Danish trolleys (whatever they are), White would have done a brilliant job of raising brand awareness and potentially converting to a sale. However neither of us fall into their target market.

So… in terms of driving traffic, White has done a great job. But it’s the wrong traffic. I am not a quality visitor. I am not going to convert. And even though I’ve ‘told a friend’ and even blogged about it, there are probably very few other people stuck in traffic behind a White Logistics lorry that would do the same.

I’m not taking anything away from the campaign- I actually love it. But… when considering referral strategies, make sure you invest in the ones that will drive the right traffic, the visitors that will convert into revenue. You don’t necessarily need a lorry to do this.



P.S. the two animals are a duck and a rabbit.



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