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Had a great day with the team at Oxford College of Marketing

Had a great day with the team at the @oxcom office today. If you would like to study CIM or CAM in Birmingham, do get in touch.


How we can use Web2.0 to enrich learning

I attended a fab workshop this week run by the Chartered Institute of Marketing on how we can enrich learning through Web 2.0 tools.

The best way for me to demonstrate just how great these tools are is for you to see my prezi here: 

Now use these links to see how creative you can be with web 2.o:

Presentation software that puts Powerpoint to shame:

Mindmapping software great for planning and revising:

Social network to rival Facebook:

Create some debates and get people talking:

Social bookmarking:

Great collaborative drawing tool:



Wicked animations:

Really cool audio programme to enhance visuals: