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Become stronger by knowing your strengths

Become stronger by knowing your strengths

It’s not exactly new but I am new to it. I’m talking about Strengths Finder.

Imagine a workplace where everyone plays to their strengths every single day. Where people invest in improving their areas of natural talent, instead of spending time where potential is limited. Strengths Finder – an online assessment from Gallup and accompanying book by Tom Rath – can help you understand your strengths and find ways to focus in on them so you can achieve all that is possible. Strengths Finder has helped me in 3 ways:

Understanding myself

My top 5 strengths are:

Communication, Relator, Activator, Significance, Restorative.

As I read the explanations of each theme I found myself nodding in agreement and saying to myself “ah-hah, that’s why I behave like that…” and “that’s exactly how I am”- it was like holding up a mirror.

For example under my Communication theme, Rath says: “And so you take the dry idea and enliven it with images and examples and metaphors” – that’s what I do every day at work and at home.

Seeing a reflection of yourself in the page can provide real clarity, especially through Rath’s ‘Ideas for Action’ which provide bullet point suggestions for improvement.Once you have identified your strengths you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your behaviours, skills and attitudes.

Providing a sense of purpose

For some reason I was initially disappointed that I didn’t identify as having certain other strengths in the list of 34 that are presented in the book.

Once I’d accepted that the overall impact of investing in my areas of natural talent was going to be greater than spending time on other areas, I was able to focus on the singular purpose of being an even better Communicator, Relator and Activator. This is the multiplier effect and if channeled, can be extremely powerful.

Finding a common language

A colleague at The Growth Hub had also identified their strengths. In the book there are tips on how to work with others. My colleague knows I am an Activator and uses this to her advantage. Specifically, she tells me she knows I can make things happen for her and this works to energise me. Our strengths are complimentary and by identifying them and talking openly about them, we have found a common language that delivers results.

Take the Strengths Finder assessment and see if it makes you stronger.