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“C’mon let’s get on Twitter. It only takes 5 minutes to set up a profile”.

I heard someone say this recently and my heart sank. What made it worse was that it was in response to some negative tweets that this person thought could be “put right”.

I think “let’s suck it and see” has it’s place in marketing and certainly the most innovative brands take risks. If no-one tested the water then the rest of us wouldn’t know it was fine to jump in. But Twitter has been around for 7 years. There are tried and tested approaches that any organisation which has no desire to be a first mover but does want to harness the power of social media, can adopt.

Screen shot of a Twitter feed
Set up a twitter profile and get tweeting, but not before you’ve got a content strategy!

Yes, setting up a Twitter profile might only take 5 minutes but developing a content marketing strategy is a longer process. I’m not talking about writing lengthy documents for the sake of it but even small businesses need to map out the journey they want their digital presence to travel on, or how else will they know they’ve ‘arrived’?

So what questions should the content strategy address?Here’s my list:

  • What are our digital objectives and how do they support the achievement of the overarching business and marketing strategy?
  • What are our key topics and how can each be re-purposed for our target markets?
  • What format should the content take- is it a blog post, a picture, a video or something else?
  • What ‘voice’ should the content be in- is it from the corporate perspective or a customer voice?
  • Where is the content hub- where will all this lovely content sit on the web? We need somewhere to collect and store it
  • What distribution methods will we use- Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email…?
  • When will we distribute this content?
  • How will we respond to feedback and deal with negativity?
  • Can we automate the process and manage resources through software solutions?

Using these questions as a framework should give you a good grounding for content marketing.

Have I missed anything that’s in your content strategy? Leave a comment…


Putting the cart before the horse

I’ve seen this happen a lot in my career. In fact I’m a bit ashamed to say I did it myself last week.

I was talking marketing strategy with our team at West Park (a conference and events venue in Dundee), and in what felt like an outer-body experience, heard myself say, “We can do Apps too”.

I was horrified at myself. I’d slipped into listing the digital tools at my disposal instead of listening to my client’s aims and suggesting appropriate tactics to help achieve them.

Right now I can’t think how a mobile app would benefit the business. And that’s no surprise really, because I’m still looking at it back to front. It should be ‘problem before solution’, not the other way round. Horse before cart.

So how do I prevent myself from repeating this faux pas? By keeping the marketing planning mantra top of mind, that’s how: audit and analysis, then aims and objectives, followed by strategy and tactics, and finally implementation and control. Approaching projects in this way should keep me on track.